Christmas Donations 2020 - Memmert says thank you!

2020 is almost over and we would like to say thank you for your great cooperation and loyalty in this extraordinary year. Giving something back to the global community is important to us at Memmert, which is why we are again supporting various aid projects and good causes this year.

Just be there – Stiftung ambulantes Kinderhospiz (AKM - Outpatient Child Hospice Foundation)

The  AKM foundation cares for and supports terminally ill children and young people from the time of diagnosis to beyond death. One particular focus is providing patients with the best possible medical and therapeutic care. Since not only the children themselves, but also their families are severely affected by such a stroke of fate, the hospice provides comprehensive care for the entire family. Currently, more than 400 families throughout Bavaria are cared for at home by the AKM children´s hospice.

This is why we are supporting the AKM again this year with three family sponsorships to ensure that those affected receive care and attention. The aim of the AKM's work is to bring the families out of their shadowy existence. A multi-professional team of doctors, nurses, midwives and social workers provide stability and security through their specialist expertise and contribute to strengthening the entire family system through their resource-oriented approach. Voluntary family supporters help to relieve the parents and fulfil the most human need of all: just being there.

Doctors without borders know no borders.

 Doctors without borders is an aid organisation that works in places where people find themselves destitute as a result of conflicts or disasters, where parents can no longer feed their children, natural disasters are wreaking devastation or entire villages are fleeing violence. They help people in emergency situations all over the world and provide them with urgently needed food, medicine and general relief supplies, for example in the refugee camp Moria on the Greek island of Lesbos. Long before the fire, the organisation was already supporting the people in Moria to alleviate their precarious and inhuman situation in the camp. However, the organisation also appealed to European countries to move people to safe shelters on the mainland or in other countries. Corona has then further aggravated the situation, but still nothing has changed. "The European states should take the disaster in Moria as an opportunity to bring about a real change in European migration policy. We will continue to work for a humane migration and asylum policy with measures such as humanitarian visas, resettlement coordination and family reunification," the organisation writes on its website. Memmert wholeheartedly supports this commitment and would also like to set an example for more humanity, humanitarianism and cohesion.

Research around animal-supported therapy

Horse therapist Dr. Katharina Alexandrinis conducts research at the "Institute for Exercise Therapy and Movement-Oriented Prevention and Rehabilitation" at the German Sport University Cologne to find out to what extent horse and animal-supported therapy has a positive influence on the healing of mentally ill children and young people. This year we are again pleased to support two interesting projects, a dog-supported sports therapy for children with ADHS and a horse-supported therapy for Parkinson's disease. We wish Dr. Alexandrinis and her team continued success in their valuable work and are pleased to be able to make a contribution.

SOS Children's Villages – We support the Latin America project this year

Despite economic progress, children and young people in particular suffer from poverty and inequality in many countries. For this reason, we have been supporting the independent aid project  SOS-Kinderdorf e.V. for many years. For more than 60 years, the organisation has ensured that children in all countries of the world have a safe home. Especially in the poorest areas of the world, the association has implemented programmes to provide families with assistance and sustainable support in the important areas of nutrition, health and education. Children in need are given a family and helped to shape their future independently. This year we would like to support the project "SOS Children's Village Family in Latin America". A children's village consists of several family houses, which form the core of family life with their own rhythm of life. Under its roof, the children can develop a real feeling of security, safety and belonging. The children grow up together, learn together, share tasks, friends and worries of daily life. Ana, who grew up in a SOS Children's Village in the capital of the Dominican Republic, is one such child. She says about her childhood: "What I am today, I owe to the SOS Children's Village. My SOS mother knew how to win me over so that my sadness disappeared. It was wonderful and I would want to grow up there again any time". We are happy to support this great project and wish the SOS Children's Village continued success!

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