Heinz Bayer celebrates 25 years with Memmert

He is irreplaceable. With a high level of expertise, he knows all our appliances inside out, always has an answer even for the most difficult application questions and never loses his sense of humour. He embodies the brand values of Memmert like no one else: Always reliable and loyal, never short of a creative idea or a helpful answer and with his efficiency and precision, “made in Germany” to the core. 25 years ago, Heinz Bayer began his career in electronics development. Today, he is the head of technical sales and responsible for international business development.

Managing director Christiane Riefler-Karpa put it in a nutshell in her speech on the occasion of the 25-year company anniversary of Heinz Bayer: “Dear Heinz, when I look at your working life here at Memmert in depth, then I’m sure there are some employees who wouldn't want to change places with you by any means. Why is that? Whenever a special task is pending, a difficult matter, then everyone immediately thinks of Heinz. And that also includes me.”

Special challenges have always appealed to Heinz Bayer. His first task at Memmert was to develop a controller with a digital temperature display. Even today, he enthuses about the unique principle of the mechanical controller developed by company founder Willi Memmert, on which the success of Memmert is built. Thanks to the accuracy of this controller it was possible to display the temperature digitally without fluctuations. This was followed by work on the first analogue electronic temperature control, on the first digital controller, on the first process controllers and on the first CO2 sensor.

In 1996, Heinz Bayer left the electronics development and became head of customer service. He explains with a smile that in the beginning contact with customers came close to a culture shock. As electronics became more important, the equipment became more complex and needed more explanation, and the technical service department had to take on quite a different quality. Apart from being in charge of the service department, Heinz Bayer set up in-house trainings as well as trainings for the international service support points, with great success. In a customer survey some years ago, the service department scored 92 out of a possible 100 points.

Today, as the head of technical sales, Heinz Bayer is responsible for international business development.  The subsidiary in Shanghai is already working extremely successfully in its second year, the Indian subsidiary is currently being built up and the next expansion plans are already in preparation. To keep fit, the enthusiastic amateur musician often takes his trumpet with him on business trips because in his view nothing is better to alleviate stress than music.

Dear Mr. Bayer, dear Heinz, many hearty thanks for everything! And like our managing director, we hope we will spend many more years together.