Memmert Rothsee Triathlon a successfull day

Despite the rain, the 26th edition of the Memmert-Rothsee Triathlon event was everything but a damp squib. About 1200 athletes braved the weather and made "the Rothsee" to that what it is known for: a unique family-friendly triathlon festival known beyond the region.

Having their own company/employer as main sponsor to have their backs, also made the day to a very special highlight of the year for all Team Memmert athletes. The Olympic distance of 1.5 km swimming,  40 km cycling and 10 km running is not reserved to experienced, professional-level triathletes only, but also offers beginners an ideal entry.

This year, Nina Kuhn from our service department ventured to the start after she had already dipped her toe in the discipline of relay swimming last year. Even though she, like the other participants, wasn't able to exploit her full speed potential on the wet cycle course, she finished with an excellent time of 03:07:19h on her first try - shading managing director Christiane Riefler-Karpa's performance, who can pride herself of a personal swimming record of 28:36min and is thus in perfect condition for the Challenge relay in three weeks.

Head of the R&D Ralf Achtnicht and Harald von Blumenthal from the service department also took part with great enthusiasm. Even though they started in different groups, their cycling times were identical down to the second. Ralf Achtnicht however, had the edge over his colleague in swimming and running and won the duel. Benedikt Spangenberg (also from R&D), went one better compared to his success the previous year and rejoiced at a new personal record of 02:18:29h.

Sebastian Bleisteiner showed true ambition. He was among the best swimmers of the first group and it merely took him 17:54min for the 1500 m swimming distance. He had to cope with a short weak phase in cycling that set him back a couple of positions, but in the following 10km-run, with 34:50min, he "returned to his customary strength", as he himself expressed it, and overall, came in third among the professionals.

Team Memmert's highly successful "age bracket trio" also made quite a splash with an exciting neck-to-neck race. After a very, very good swimming performance with 20:59min, Stephan Gersching was way out in front, until Christian Pickl caught up in the cycling phase as usual and took over the lead with 01:09:07h. On the running course, Stephan Gersching rushed on with 38:32min, but couldn't overtake Pickl and, like last year, had to settle for the fourth place in age group AK M35 while Christian Pickl came in second in AK M45. Günther Lauterbach had a well-balanced performance and even made it to the top of the podium in AK M50.

There were also debutantes in the relay race, with trainee Fabian Hablesreiter leading the way, who had an excellent swimming result of 22:41min, finished on the front ranks and handed over to Simone Kohler, who had a racing cycle premier, before newly-discovered running talent Engeles Schenkutie-Mekonnen from production ran the 10km course in only 39:20 min after just 6 weeks' preparation.

Team Memmert 1 and Team Memmert 2 lived up to their names and provided a double victory, the members of the teams being Sebastian Reinwand (project management), Gregor Stützinger (customisation department) and Benjamin Wegler and Sören Naujoks, Stefan Lehner and Sven Ehrhardt respectively.
As in the previous year, Andres Weiß (sales), IT manager Peter Krieger and our commercial director Jürgen Gambert formed a team and were pleased about the good mood at the location, to which the trainee stand of Memmert on the side of the course also made a significant contribution. Apart from providing well-received shelter from rain, it also offered drinks and information on the Memmert company and its traineeship opportunities. The Memmert tent also was a popular gathering point for all employees and relatives that had come to support the athletes.