Memmert successful at the Rothsee Triathlon

June 26th, the hot phase of the 2012 season began for the Memmert triathlon team. Each year, the shorter distance Rothsee Triathlon traditionally takes place two weeks before the long distance Challenge Roth Triathlon. In splendid sunshine, 6 individual starters and one relay team tested out their physical shape under competition conditions and at the end, everyone was satisfied and happy, apart from Matthias Grosser, who had to drop out because of a defect to his bike.

The entire Memmert team has been through some strenuous weeks and months. Preparations to launch the generation 2012 appliances had required total commitment, overtime had accrued here and there, so the Rothsee Triathlon was a welcome excuse for the triathlon team, and in particular for managing director Christiane Riefler-Karpa, to be able to concentrate entirely on sporting matters.

Rookie Benni Spangenberg, in his main job a design engineer at Memmert, is one of the many people who can’t let go of the endurance sports once they have been involved in their first competition. Together with swimmer Andrea Weiss and runner Michelle Saim, he joined the relay team as a cyclist and is full of enthusiasm: “That was really great. I was very satisfied with my result. The competition feeling was indescribable – the cheering of the spectators gives you an incredible push. I would certainly like to participate again.” With an overall time of 2:40:40, the trio finished in an outstanding 14th place out of 45 relay teams.

Thomas Stollar, who works in production, was bitten by the triathlon bug by taking part in the Beach Triathlon, which takes place every year on the day before the Rothsee Triathlon, and he was equally proud and ecstatic at the end of this year’s competition. “That was cool! Now I’m already thinking about starting as a swimmer in the relay team for the Challenge Roth next year.”

In parallel with the Beach Triathlon for beginners, a competition of the 2nd Bundesliga Süd took place on Saturday involving the men’s team of TSG 08 Roth, supported by Memmert as the main sponsor.

Alongside Christiane Riefler-Karpa and Peter Krieger, who will also participate as individual starters in the Challenge Roth, Ronald Mühe, Ralf Achtnicht and Harald von Blumenthal also completed the competition successfully. All of them enjoy coming to the Rothsee Triathlon each year, because the friendly atmosphere of the little brother of the Challenge Roth has its own charm, as does the huge festival-like atmosphere 14 days later. Since it was very hot and the athletes encountered a strong headwind on the running and cycling course, the entire team was absolutely exhausted at the end and, depending on their preferences, looked forward to a massage, a cool beer or a hearty meal.