Test your processes in Memmert s TechLab

Do you have a special application and you want to know which appliance is best suited for it? Without investing immediately in new equipment, you can have your processes tested in advance in our technical centre.

Highly precise measuring equipment with which we validate the set conditions in our chambers, as well as a climate chamber for experiments that need to be performed at room temperature, help you to make a decision.

Once we have discussed the matter, you just send us your samples together with a description of the process, which defines your objective and the parameters of the experiment.

We will then provide you with precise results on the process times or other relevant data, such as the humidity content of your material. The test, of course, also includes a detailed, graphically prepared documentation of all experiment conditions such as temperature, humidity, CO2-concentration or the pressure in the vacuum.

Should you have further questions, our technical service department will be pleased to help. Just give us a call or write an e-mail to us at the address