UWG Büchenbach visits Memmert

“The children told us about Memmert.” “I thought that Memmert made refrigerators.” “It’s really quiet there behind the fence.” Many residents who live close to Memmert don’t really know what is produced on the huge company premises in the Willi-Memmert-Straße in Büchenbach. Reason enough for Büchenbach’s mayor, Helmut Bauz, and many members of the Unabhängigen Wählergemeinschaft Büchenbach e.V. [Büchenbach Independent Voters Association], including five councillors, to pay us a visit.

At the latest when technical director Carsten Angermeyer explained the first production step, cutting the stainless steel sheet parts, on one of the most modern puching-bending lines in Europe, the peace and quiet was at an end. The equipment produces over 2,500 parts every day for the housing and interior of Memmert appliances. Mayor Helmut Bauz was pleased to see that the number of employees has risen to more than 250 in recent years. Industrial workplaces are important in the region, which is why cooperation with such a good employer is important to the community. 

Precision is the most important quality feature

Initially, marketing manager Katja Rosenke had given insight into the company’s history and its products. In industry, where Memmert climate chambers are used for testing electronic components, or in medical research, the precision of the appliances is an outstanding quality feature. Peter Englisch, head of the test centre, explained that the temperature in the interior of the appliances has to be kept with a precision of 0.1 °C.

Many things were discussed during the tour through the factory hall, which at the time of its constructed in 1974 was the largest self-supporting steel construction of its kind in Europe. To the question of what would happen to employees in times of crisis, Carsten Angermeyer gave a reassuring reply. Short-time working or even redundancies had never been necessary. This was one of the reasons why some Memmert employees have been with the company for over 30 years.