To be able to satisfy customer requirements quickly and comprehensively in future, the service department was enlarged and restructured. Markus Schweda, an experienced industry expert, is now in charge of management and coordination, and the team is being reinforced by Romina Löhlein, who has successfully finished her training at Memmert.

Even when the hands aren't free, Memmert Generation 2012 laboratory ovens, incubators and climate chambers can be easily opened and closed using the knee or the elbow. And to keep the atmosphere relaxed for the samples inside, this is of course done almost without vibration.

The programming of an incubator or a laboratory oven should be possible from anywhere in the world without problems. For this reason, Memmert generation 2012 devices feature a state-of-the-art ethernet interface and are easily and intuitively programmed via the AtmoCONTROL software.

It has never been easier to operate a laboratory oven or incubator. Temperature, programme duration, fan speed or ventilation flap positions are all selected in the left display of the CONTROLCOCKPIT for Memmert Generation 2012 devices. In the right display, for example temperature is monitored or device-specific parameters such as CO2 and humidity are set.

For more than 30 years, the outer housing of Memmert devices has been made of the unique structured stainless steel. Scratch-resistant, hygienic and a pleasure to the eyes of those who like to be surrounded by aesthetic, modern design. It's good when beauty and function don't exclude each other. But it's even better when beauty is functional at the same time.

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The world's largest triathlon festival, the Challenge Roth, came to an end on Sunday, July 8th, with a thrilling firework display. The day had provided many premieres for Memmert: With five relays and three individual starters, the Memmert triathlon family was larger than ever before. For the first time, a client joined the relay team and Peter Krieger ran the long-distance on...

The rapid development of Memmert in recent years, with an above-average growth in turnover and employee numbers, has now also been recognised by politicians. Memmert GmbH + Co. KG was among the award winners at the presentations for ‚Bavaria’s Best 50’ for the 50 independently-owned Bavarian companies showing the strongest growth.

Five turbulent, exciting and fascinating days are now behind us. On the occasion of the ACHEMA in Frankfurt, Memmert once again welcomed hundreds of guests from all over the world to its exhibition stand and to product training seminars taking place at the same time. The introduction of the new Memmert Generation 2012 appliances this year was certainly one of the highlights in...

On the occasion of ACHEMA 2012 in Frankfurt, Memmert is introducing the new Generation 2012 of its universal ovens, incubators, sterilisers, Peltier-cooled incubators, constant climate chambers and storage cooled incubators. In the development of the new appliances, focus was placed on an intuitive operation and clear display of all parameters, the door lock was optimised and...