Spanish Tecnicas de LABORATORIO and French La Gazette du Laboratoire each published an article in their April/resp. Mai issue, describing the new standard model for the Memmert vacuum oven VO. In order to fully meet the user's requirements the vacuum oven can be upgraded with freely selectable options for a wide variety of applications such as curing, storing, conditioning,...

Stability tests in climate chambers run for many months, sometimes even for years. An excellent and uniformly constant temperature and humidity homogeneity prevails in the new Memmert climate chamber ICH, so that results can be reliably compared.

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The first meeting of the Chinese trade partners of Memmert since the opening of the Chinese branch in September 2010 took place in Shanghai on March 17th and 18th.

The spring meeting of the export controls, customs and export practice working groups of the SPECTARIS industry association took place at Memmert from April 6 to 7, 2011.

Numerous companies from our region now have branch offices in Shanghai. This is why our local vocational school organises a trip to the Chinese metropolis every three years. Our trainee Lisa Schwab was part of it from 26 February to 11 March 2011.


For all Memmert appliances sold and delivered from March 1st, 2011, a worldwide guarantee period of three years applies.

The new standard model of the Memmert VO vacuum oven excels with lean perfection, but top precision. With freely selectable options it can be customised for a wide variety of requirements in applications such as curing, storing, conditioning, degassing or ageing.



NEW as of February 2011! Memmert continues to expand its position as the technology leader in the field of Peltier appliances. An LED light module is now available for the constant climate chamber HPP 110, making applications such as seed germination, plant cultivation and insect breeding, specially Drosophila breeding, possible under a constant climate and under daylight...

Under the heading “Safe Processes“, the German laboratory journal GIT published a report by the independent accredited test laboratory, testo industrial services, on the outstanding results of various heat distribution measurements in the Memmert heating oven UFP 500. The requirements of the stricter standard DIN 12880:2007-05 were met with no problem. It turned out that for...