Product News

On 25 May 2017 was announced that the transitional period of MDR will end on the 26 May 2020. The new Medical Device Regulation (MDR), also called the European Medical Device Regulation, should have came into force across Europe by the 26 May 2020. Due to the corona pandemic, the EU Commission has now decided to set 26 May 2021 as the amended date of implementation of the MDR.

We are often asked whether shakers that are continuously operated in climate chambers are influencing the temperature.

When our first HPP constant climate appliance rolled off the assembly line in Büchenbach some 10 years ago, we had no idea that the HPP was going to be our most successful product range. As pioneers in the use of environmentally friendly Peltier technology in the laboratory, we are particularly proud of it. We have since delivered over 10,000 HPP appliances and become the...

Memmert introduces two temperature control appliances with climate-friendly CO2 as the refrigerant (R744) for ACHEMA 2018. The ICHeco climate chamber and the ICPeco compressor-cooled incubator are not only more environmentally friendly, but also more efficient than appliances cooled with fluorinated greenhouse gases.

In combination with the speed-controlled vacuum pump, the new VO series of Memmert vacuum ovens is extremely energy-efficient. From the time of introduction on the occasion of the Achema 2018, all devices will also be available with TwinDISPLAY comfort equipment as standard.

Memmert is now converting the climate test chamber CTC and the temperature test chamber TTC to the refrigerant R449A. The operation of all appliances is thus ensured beyond 31/12/2019.

From now on, all Memmert HCP humidity chambers are available with the TwinDISPLAY convenience features as standard. A compact 56 litre benchtop model complements the humidity chamber range, first presented at Control 2018 in Stuttgart.

Blanket warmers are vital when giving first aid to seriously injured patients in emergency rooms. In a Memmert blanket warmer IFbw, blankets and cloths preheated to any precise temperature to keep patients warm before and after surgery are always close at hand. This minimises the risk of complications such as wound infections, cardiovascular disorders, cardiac arrhythmia or...

The Memmert CO2 incubator ICOmed now is a class IIa medical device for in-vitro fertilisation and biosynthesis. The CE label on the appliances includes the mark 0197, denoting TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH as the notified body.

The HPP model family now encompasses six different sizes. With a chamber volume of 384 or 1060 litres, the constant climate chambers HPP400 and HPP1060 complement our range of innovative and environmentally-friendly climate chambers.