Climate chambers and humidity chambers

It goes without saying that every climate chamber has a climate defined by temperature and humidity. However, Memmert climate chambers provide extra reliability during stability testing, climate testing or conditioning and are perfectly designed for the simulation of environmental conditions. In compliance with standards. Reproducible. Economical.

In each Memmert climate chamber, temperature and humidity are distributed homogenously and stably over the entire test period. Each Memmert climate chamber meets the strict requirements of DIN 12880:2007-05 and has a maximum number of safety functions as well as various possibilities for programming and documentation.

Constant climate chamber HPPeco

Maximum energy efficiency in continuous operation - tailor-made for stability studies according to ICH guidelines, stability tests for cosmetics and foods as well as environmental testing and material testing

Temperature Humidity Light

Humidity chamber HCP

Active humidity control creates a controlled environment for accelerated life tests and 85/85 tests.

Temperature Humidity

Climate Chamber ICH

Unparalleled homogeneity of temperature and humidity. For stability testing according to ICH - WHO - EMA - ASEAN - GMP - GLP – GCCP.

Temperature Humidity Light

Environmental test chambers CTC / TTC

Memmert environmental test chambers guarantee the perfect atmosphere for climate and temperature tests

Temperature Humidity

The climate chamber in the test laboratory

A climate chamber is used for a variety of applications.

  • Climate test, temperature test, environmental test
  • Stability testing in accordance with ICH Q1A, WHO, GMP, GLP, EMA, ASEAN
  • Ageing, conditioning
  • Storage of plastics, metal parts, compound materials and electronic components for conditioning, ageing, corrosion tests, etc.
  • Air-conditioned storage of plastics, metal parts, coating, building materials, compound materials and electronic components for conditioning, ageing, corrosion tests, etc.
  • Test for photostability of plastics, leather, packaging and composite materials
  • Storage of electrical appliances and components, paints, coatings, composite materials, plastics and metals in alternating climates
  • Breeding of insects and zebrafish, keeping of mice
  • Plant cultivation
  • Test for photostability of foods containing colorants and vitamins
  • Climate storage with CO2 gasification for testing/storage in a controlled carbon dioxide atmosphere

How a climate chamber works

For heating, the chamber load is exposed to defined temperatures at atmospheric pressure within a climate chamber. Thermal energy is transferred by convection and radiation to the chamber load. In the case of cooling, on the other hand, the heat is extracted from the chamber load and released to the environment outside the climate chamber via the cooling system (Peltier-cooling in the Memmert constant climate chamber HPPeco, compressor-cooling in the Memmert climate chamber ICHeco and in the Memmert climate test chamber CTC).

The heating system of a Memmert climate chamber can be programmed according to respective requirements with regard to energy efficiency, heating-up times, quiet running or low vibration. The energy-efficient, low-vibration and quiet running climate chamber HPPeco is suitable for climate tests with test temperatures close to the ambient temperature due to the Peltier technology which is used for both heating and cooling. The climate chamber ICH cools again with conventional compressor technology and convinces with excellent values for uniformity of temperature and humidity. The temperature test chamber TTC /climatic test chamber CTC also cools via a compressor and is primarily designed for tests in an alternating climate.

Special Memmert climate chambers and humidity chambers

  • The humidity chamber HCP: This climate chamber works without its own cooling technology at temperatures from 7 ℃ above room temperature. The high-precision temperature and humidity control as well as the heating from all six sides guarantee a working area without condensation.
  • Climate chamber ICHL with illumination unit: Stability testing in the climate chamber according to ICH Guidelines Q1B, Option 2 (photostability).