Peltier-cooled incubator IPPeco

Sets eco standards for cultivation below room temperature: unmatched energy efficiency, best values for heat-up, cool-down and recovery times.

Peltier-cooled incubator IPPeco TwinDISPLAY IPP110ecoplus 745 x 864 x 555 mm

Powerful and energy-saving at the same time
Cooled Incubator IPPeco with Advanced Peltier Technology

Powered by the sophisticated Advanced Peltier Technology from Memmert, the IPPeco is the most energy-efficient and, simultaneously, the most powerful cooled incubator of its kind. Compared to similar appliances, its heat-up, cool down and recovery times are much shorter. The Peltier-cooled incubator from Memmert saves on operating costs, ensures sample quality and makes work in a microbiological laboratory significantly more efficient. Common applications are microbiological analyses, bacterial count determination, cultivation above & below room temperature, beer stability accelerated aging test, or shelf life tests of dairy products.
  • Temperature range 0°C up to +70 °C
  • 9 model sizes (32 to 2140 litres volume)
  • 2 model variants: SingleDISPLAY and TwinDISPLAY
  • Double doors as standard with fully insulated stainless steel. Inside glass: prevention of contamination and drops or rises in temperature. Furthermore, an optimal view of the sensitive load through wide-area Interior glass doors (size 1400/2200 stainless steel doors with glass sector; sizes 750, 1060 and 1400 two leaves, size 2200 three leaves) are possible.
  • Fans integrated in the Peltier elements ensure rapid energy transfer and optimum temperature distribution

Experience the unique Peltier effect first-hand

Take a look inside our products and experience how our Peltier elements work in 360° mode.

With just a few clicks you get precise descriptions of the individual components and you can display all the important figures, data, facts and the performance of our devices.

(The app shows you the power consumption, the electricity costs and the saved CO2 emissions in a temperature range of 0-70 °C and for any duration.)

Experience the Peltier app live

Unique temperature homogeneity

The Advanced Peltier Technology of the cooled incubator IPP eco ensures an extremely sensitive temperature control with the smallest control fluctuations to guarantee unique temperature homogeneity. The interior is completely closed off from the surroundings. The advantages for you: minimum risk of the sample drying out and condensation forming during the cooling process occurs outside of the working chamber on the Peltier element. Since the cooling incubator IPPeco does not require a compressor, it saves valuable space in the laboratory and works with unmatched quiet and low vibrations.

A Memmert cooled incubator IPPeco offers unique advantages

Intuitive and easy-to-use operating menu
Almost exclusive use of high-quality, corrosion-resistant and easily cleanable stainless steel for the working chamber and housing
heating concept specifically adapted for a precise and homogenous temperature control
A wide range of options for programming and documentation using interfaces, integrated data logger and Software AtmoCONTROL
3 years guarantee worldwide

Would you like to know more about the Peltier-cooled incubator IPPeco? In our webinar area, you will find the recording about the product presentation.

Standard units are safety-approved and bear the test marks

EAC Eurasian Conformity


Performance Class
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SingleDISPLAY SingleDISPLAY for basic applications Temperature, air flap and fan remain unchanged during the whole process
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TwinDISPLAY TwinDISPLAY Maximum comfort for complex processes For many years to come the equipment of Memmert's model variant TwinDISPLAY will leave nothing to be desired regarding function range, convenience and safety.