Options / Accessories

for Cooled vacuum oven VO29cool


Options Order No.
Works calibration certificate for 3 temperatures: +5°C, +30°C, +90°C at 20 mbar pressure D00133
Works calibration certificate for one (freely selectable) temperature value according to customer specification D00109
Potential-free contact (24 V/2 A) with socket, according to NAMUR NE 28 for combination error message (e.g. supply failure, sensor fault, fuse) H6
MobileALERT, notification by SMS in case of any error or alarm of the device (Requires option H6) C3


Accessories Order No.
Subframe, tubular steel, black enamelled (for stacking unit consisting of vacuum oven and pump module, total height: 1650 mm, see "further data" and sketch of oven dimensions) E02030
Noise-insulated vacuum pump module without pump (exterior dimensions and -material No. s. vacuum oven) with antivibration metal plate at the bottom to accommodate the vacuum pump, incl. full-sight glass door. Socket, signal cable and connecting hose to the vacuum oven PM29
Noise-insulated vacuum pump module, as above, however with built-in pump, 230 V, 50/60 Hz PMP 29
Signal cable (3 m) for control of roation speed and optimising pump performance by demand-controlled activation of purge of Memmert pump (not required with pump module) B39410
Vacuum connecting hose (3 m) from oven to Memmert pump incl. optimised connection accessories (partially stainless steel) Vacuum connecting hose (3 m) from oven to Memmert pump incl. optimised connection accessories (partially stainless steel) B04026
Vacuum pump with chemically resistant 4x diaphragm, pump capacity at atm. pressures: approx. 50 Nl./min = 3,0 m3/h and autom. purge control. Order No. B39410 and B04026 necessary. 230 V, 50 Hz. Max. guarantee period 2 years E07509
USB-Ethernet adapter E06192
Ethernet connection cable 5 m for computer interface E06189
USB User-ID stick (with User-ID licence): Oven-linked authorisation licence (User-ID-programme) on Memory-stick, prevents undesired manipulation by unauthorised third parties. When reordering please specify serial number B33170
FDA conforming software AtmoCONTROL (FDA edition). Meets the requirements for the use of electronically stored data sets and electronic signatures as laid down in Regulation 21 CFR Part 11 of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Base licence for the control of one unit. Respective IQ/OQ documents available in German and English language (without surcharge) FDAQ1
Integration of one additional unit (up to max. 31 units) into an already existent FDA-software licence (only for units with TwinDISPLAY) FDAQ2
IQ document with device-specific works test data, OQ/PQ check list as support for validation by customer D00124
IQ/OQ document with device-specific works test data for one free-selectable temperature and vacuum value, incl. temperature distribution survey at Memmert for 5 measuring points per thermoshelf to DIN 12880:2007-05. PQ check list as support for validation by customer valid for one thermoshelf; dito further thermoshelves, price on demand. D00117


Services Order No.
Guarantee extension by 1 year GA2Q5