IVF module for INCOmed

Ideally suited for in vitro fertilisation. Controlled CO2 and O2 concentration as well as gentle cultivation in Petri dishes in separate slide-in units.

IVF module for INCOmed

In vitro fertilisation: IVF module for CO2 incubator INCOmed

When it comes to successful in vitro fertilisation, precision and reliability of CO2 incubators are of utmost importance. Even minimal discrepancies in CO2 and O2 concentration, temperature or humidity can influence the development of the cell culture. To keep the recovery times of the INCO108med incubator to a minimum, Memmert has developed an IVF module with separate slide-in units for the Petri dishes. The Memmert CO2 incubator INCOmed is classified as a class IIa medical device and complies with the basic safety requirements as stipulated in the European Medical Device Directive (93/42/EEC).
  • temperature range up to +50 °C
  • 1 model size (108 litres volume)
  • cultivation in 8 separate slide-in units: only one slide-unit can be opened at a time: quick recovery times due to minimum air exchange
  • active humidity control: minimum vaporisation in the chamber interior, no condensation, no cultivation with oil required
  • the interior including all installations and sensors can be sterilised at 160 °C in a 4-hour programme

Improving safety of IVF: special slide-in units for the cell cultures

In a conventional CO2 incubator and in special IVF incubators, vaporisation and condensation are a major problem. The Memmert IVF module is used in a Memmert CO2 incubator INC108med. This ensures that the CO2 content, O2 content and humidity can be controlled with absolute precision. The active humidification and dehumidification, in particular, keeps vaporisation to a minimum, meaning additional cultivation under oil is not required.

8 slide-in units offer space for a total of 24 4-well dishes, 24 large Petri dishes measuring 60 mm in diameter or 48 Petri dishes measuring 35 mm in diameter. The Petri dishes are placed on indentations for better heat distribution and cannot slip out of position when the slide-in units are pulled out. The low air exchange with the outside ensures fast recovery times for the CO2 content and humidity because as long as one slide-in unit is open, no other unit can be pulled out. Further safety features of the IVF module: easy-to-clean steel, all slide-in units can be labelled individually and are equipped with a pull-out lock, the chamber of the CO2 incubator including all installations can be sterilised in a 4-hour programme and the low-vibration roller feed-throughs of the slide-in units work without lubricant.

A Memmert CO2 incubator offers unique advantages

  • heating concept specifically adapted for a precise and homogenous temperature control
  • alarm functions, three-fold overtemperature protection and simultaneous display of all parameters provide safety for samples and cultures
  • a wide range of options for programming and documentation using interfaces, Celsius software, integrated log memory and chip cards (features dependent on the controller class)


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