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Brigitte Vogel, who started her first job in order processing at Memmert straight after leaving school in 1974, has lived through almost half of our company history. On 3rd September 2009 she celebrated her 35-year anniversary in the company, together with some of her colleagues.
When help is needed in Schwabach and the surrounding area, the THW and its volunteer members are on the job, all year round, at any time. Early on a Saturday morning towards the end of October, it was the Memmert Family that needed help in preventing a production stop. The THW stepped up and rushed over with a solution.
The administrative location of Memmert, in Schwabach, where the central data center is located, was scheduled to renew the power line to the company. Since the ongoing conversion work could put a stop to production, a solution had to be found as quickly as possible. The ILS Central Franconia South a
Several hundred participants from all over Europe voted for the best of the best out of 72 suppliers during the LLG Sales Convention, which took place this year from October 18 to 20, 2013. With much joy, Nathalie Kilzer and Mark Fischer from the Memmert sales team took home the award for “Best Supplier”. “Apparently, Memmert has done a great job,” André Meise, managing director at LLG, commented on the result.
Each year since 2009, the top suppliers are awarded in the four categories Best Website, Best Cooperation, Best After Sales Service and Most Innovative Product Programme. The one manufacturer that receives the most votes across all categories is eventually awarded the title “Best Supplier”. In 2013,
On the annual Girls’ Day, thousands of companies open their doors to schoolgirls between the age of 10 and 17. On the agenda are practical tasks like planing, milling and soldering, and machinery, technologies and job profiles are explained in detail. On April 26, 2012, also Memmert welcomed two young girls to the Büchenbach production facilities. One student came from the Johann Sebastian Bach Gymnasium in Windsbach, another from the Adam-Kraft Gymnasium in Schwabach.
Young girls in Germany are often still afraid of taking a typical “male profession”. Traditionally, women become to a large extent teachers, nurses, childcare workers or hairdressers. In order to help schoolgirls overcome their reluctance to take up a scientific or technical profession, the Girls‘ D

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Why does the fire brigade have a Memmert drying oven? Ralf Achtnicht, head of development at Memmert and volunteer fireman in Schwabach, made a great effort so that his colleagues would be equipped with one of our appliances.
Usually, Memmert appliances are used in test laboratories, but the Memmert drying oven UF750 also finds use at the fire brigade. The use here is “drying masks”. After each fire brigade operation that requires respirator masks, those masks have to be dried. If the masks were simply placed onto a s
Responsibility towards society is an essential part of Memmert's corporate philosophy. As a company, we are part of a solidarity society, which is why we back many social projects.
Social commitment Memmert is a family-run company firmly rooted in the region of Central Franconia. Responsibility towards employees and business partners has always been a tradition. Support is given whether in sickness or personal problems and as thanks we receive decad
For many years now, Memmert has been supporting the SOS Kinderdorf project with a Christmas donation. In 2008, 40,000 € went to the SOS vocational training centre in Nuremberg, financing the 3rd year of training for two young men.
In 2009, or first two fosterlings successfully completed their training and the realisation that “money does make you happy after all” is as true today as it was then. It often pays off to give teenagers who leave school as hopeless cases a second chance, and every cent that is spent to su
Our two fosterlings from the SOS vocational training centre Nuremberg have passed their final examination. We warmly congratulate them!
Perhaps many more companies and individuals would donate money to charitable institutions if they knew who precisely was going to benefit from the money, and above all, what effect it would have. The two freshly qualified painter and decorator craftsmen, Dominik Hofmann and Kevin Männecke, are a s