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The Argentinean trade magazine for ceramics, the organ of the Argentine Ceramic Society, reported on possible applications of Peltier technology in the ceramics industry. In Spanish. PDF - 03/2010 Article Cerámica y Cristal 184kB
The development of energy-saving technologies is a social obligation in times of climate change and rising energy prices. With the new waterbath cooling, Memmert once more does justice to its pioneering role in the use of Peltier technology.
No supplier has a larger range of these compact, absolutely smooth-running, economical and energy-saving appliances. The environmentally friendly and incomparably precise cooling device CDP 115 can be accommodated easily on all Memmert waterbath models and allows work to be performed with temp
Microbiology, zoology, food, cosmetics or pharma industry: the energy-saving cooled incubator with Peltier elements heats up and cools down seamlessly in one system.
Excellent controllability, extremely small control fluctuations, low-vibration operation and impressive energy savings provide the added value from this perfect adaptation of Peltier technology. With its extensive range of appliances with Peltier elements for heating and cooling – such as the IPP Pe Microbiology, zoology, food, cosmetics or pharma industry: the energy-saving cooled incubator with Peltier elements heats up and cools down seamlessly in one system.
Thank you! We would like to thank all of our visitors to the analytica 2010 in Munich. Once again, you have turned this trade fair into a multilingual place of encounter and exchange. The main topics were the further development of Memmert appliances with Peltier technology and modern communication between manufacturers and distributors.
Peltier technology remains a driving force of growth "New Atmospheres", the motto of the trade fair, is reflected in the presentation of new equipment on the Memmert exhibition stand. The INCO CO2 incubator with an optional O2 module and the ICP cooled incubator with an extended tempera
Additional energy efficiency discount granted. With our active support, Memmert appliances based on Peltier technology are not only unparalleled in energy efficiency, but also in terms of economy.
How does this work? It’s very simple. When you buy cooled incubators of the IPP series or constant climate chambers of the HPP series, we grant you an additional energy efficiency discount! This special condition applies through 31st December 2009. Request your own personal offer from
NEW as of February 2011! Memmert continues to expand its position as the technology leader in the field of Peltier appliances. An LED light module is now available for the constant climate chamber HPP 110, making applications such as seed germination, plant cultivation and insect breeding, specially Drosophila breeding, possible under a constant climate and under daylight conditions.
Unparalleled precision! Unparalleled reliability! Unparalleled energy-efficiency! With the new optional light module for the constant climate chamber HPP 110, Memmert expands its market leadership in temperature control equipment with Peltier technology. Dimmable LED light, available in two colo
More capacity, much faster, more efficient – the new addition to the Memmert portfolio of constant climate chambers with Peltier technology. The HPP1400 with 1400 litres volume is ideally suited for stability tests of large samples and batches in pharmaceutical, cosmetics or food industry.
As the pioneer in using Peltier technology for thermal ovens, Memmert now enters new dimensions with their brand new HPP1400 . With an interior volume of almost 1400 litres, the constant climate chamber is the largest available device of its kind without using energy-intensive compressors and con
The French trade magazine reported on the occasion of the market launch of the new HPP constant climate chamber, the worldwide first constant climate chamber based on Peltier technology. In French. Read more
Peltier for maximum energy efficiency, precision and durability! In autumn 2015, Memmert puts its considerable product range of Peltier appliances in the focus of a green campaign. Incubation, conditioning, storing or low temperature drying – far-sighted and cost-conscious laboratories can find a suitable Memmert Peltier appliance for a number of different uses.
With its cooled incubator IPP, Memmert introduced the first Peltier appliance in 2000. Thanks to the Peltier heating and cooling system that was developed in-house,it achieved performance values that until then had seemed impossible due to the low level of effectiveness Peltier elements had for
In its pre-trade fair edition for the analytica 2010, Laborpraxis magazine reported on the new member of the Memmert product family based on Peltier technology: The IPS temperature control storage chamber is ideally suited for storing samples at constant temperatures. In German. Weitere Informati