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Qualification: Identify the essentials.

The term qualification already has its meaning explained in its name: Securing and validating the quality of processes. In GMP-compliant pharmaceutical and food production, plant or equipment qualification is mandatory. We support you in carrying out all necessary tests of your Memmert equipment as well as the documentation.

With a device qualification, you prove that your device is installed (IQ) and functions correctly (OQ) in accordance with the GMP guidelines. A special feature is the Performance Qualification (PQ). This performance qualification is part of the validation of the entire production process over a period of time and for a specific product. Customer-specific conditions and processes are checked and documented.

You can read which individual services Memmert offers as part of IQ/OQ/PQ in detail in our technology section.

We are happy to support you with your own IQ/OQ qualifications and in creating test plans for your PQ. Simply  contact us.