Service & Support

Servicing: Long-term reliability.

Every Memmert device rewards you for regular cleaning and servicing with a long life and high reliability. For cleaning instructions, refer to the operating manual.

In order to prevent breakdowns, we recommend that you have your Memmert device serviced professionally once a year. Servicing by our service technicians is carried out according to standardised test routines. This includes, for example, visual inspections and functional tests of mechanical components such as doors including seals and closures as well as replacement of sterile or HEPA filters. All electrically driven components such as exhaust flaps, servomotors, interior fans and electrical room fans as well as electromechanical components such as contactors and mains switches are also checked and replaced if necessary. An essential part of every service is the function test.

We determine any setpoint deviations for temperature, humidity, CO2 gassing or pressure as part of our calibration service. We will be happy to carry out the calibration of your device in addition to servicing. Please feel free to ask for a non-binding quotation.  

Do you want to reduce maintenance costs and minimise the risk of repairs and equipment breakdowns?  Ask us about a maintenance and service contract.

A maintenance and service contract offers you these advantages: you never miss a service appointment again and the annual maintenance costs are also cheaper than booking an individual appointment.