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You will soon finish school and would like to start your professional life successfully? Then apply for an apprenticeship at Memmert. No matter whether you are interested in a commercial or industrial-technical training - we offer numerous attractive training opportunities.

What makes training at Memmert so special?

Practical relevance & intensive support
Individual support and further education offers
Security in our training professions with future prospects
Trainee events
Wide range of health & sports activities
Company pension scheme

Apply now for a trial internship or an apprenticeship!

Every year, we are happy to offer pupils the opportunity to gain an insight into all the apprenticeships on offer and the processes in our company over a period of 1 to 2 weeks. We are happy to support you in your career choice, but we ask for your understanding that we have to limit the number of trial internships so that we have enough time for each student.

If you are interested in a trial internship, please apply  here, stating the desired period of time, the occupation you are interested in and a short CV.

Learn more about our diverse training opportunities

Commercial professions

Industrial clerks (m/f/d) pass through all commercial departments in our company. Depending on their inclination and skills, they will later work in sales, purchasing, and order processing or customer service. Memmert has many international customers, so you should enjoy foreign languages.

Today, warehouse logistics specialists (m/f/d) perform many demanding tasks in addition to unpacking, packing, storing and shipping goods. For example, they are largely responsible for selecting ecologically and economically sensible packaging materials. During their training, they deal with modern warehouse logistics and materials handling technology and learn how to use data processing programs.

Technical professions

Electronics technicians for devices and systems (m/f/d) support electronics development. Therefore, you should have a great interest in mathematics and physics. You will work with mechanical, electrical and electronic components, assemble and test devices and systems and learn how they are manufactured. Later you will work in the development department or in the electronics production.

Industrial electricians for devices and systems (m/f/d) often work together with technicians or engineers on the development and testing of electronic systems. Therefore, you should be interested in physics and technology in general. During training, you will learn, among other things, how to produce printed circuit boards with electrical components. Later you will work in the development department or in the customer service.

Metal technology specialists (m/f/d) require above all manual skills and good spatial imagination. Since not all metal is the same, they learn during their training everything about the properties of different metals, how to shape, process and join them. In Memmert production, metal technology specialists operate the latest machines for machining and metal processing, but in other departments, such as construction, customization department and assembly, they also get to work a lot with their hands.

Industrial mechanics (m/f/d) ensure that everything runs smoothly in our production at all times, because they are responsible for checking, maintaining and repairing production systems and machines. During their training, they learn how to manufacture and assemble machine components and, of course, how to subsequently commission the production equipment and check it for proper functioning.

Construction mechanics (m/f/d) assemble components and metal constructions from sheet metal or profiles and learn all important joining processes such as welding, riveting, gluing or laser cutting during their training. They create jigs and fixtures, master the basics of quality assurance and know all the relevant testing procedures. Later, they work in production or construction.

IT specialists for application development (m/f/d) take care of software and database projects. At Memmert, they primarily conceptualize, program, test and implement application software for Memmert devices in our development department. They are proficient in the common programming languages and are always up to date on the topics of databases and operating systems. Logical thinking, an interest in computer science and fun with technology are indispensable.

IT specialists for system integration (m/f/d) maintain and expand the IT and network infrastructure at Memmert. All computer systems used are set up, managed and supported by the IT department. The IT specialist creates needs-based IT solutions, whether for the company's own or for interdepartmental applications, and provides users with advice and support in the event of problems with IT applications. During the apprenticeship you will learn how to set up and manage computer systems, networks and servers using modern tools and techniques as well as the basics of common programming languages. An interest in technology and logical thinking are essential for this.

Warehouse specialists (m/f/d) check incoming goods, pack and unpack goods, sort them in the warehouse or transport them within the company, for example to production or shipping. At Memmert, they are deployed in goods receiving, internal logistics, and shipping.