Why Memmert

The Memmert World
controlled atmosphere

Come and join us in the Memmert world! Read about our mission and values that drive us towards excellence.

Our Mission

The Memmert-world: controlled atmosphere.
We set an example in terms of reliability, quality,
commitment and innovation.

Our promise to you is to ensure that
all our appliances will have the perfect atmosphere.
The absolutely precise control of all parameters,
such as temperature, humidity, CO2 content or
pressure guarantee 100% customer benefits.

Our Values

Our objective of further & sustainable growth is based on six values which determine our actions and dealings with one another.

Open to innovation

We understand the meaning of our long
experience in a constant changing world
that allows us to develop new technologies
in changing markets. The passionate employees
are always curious to learn and
share their knowledge. It opens up different
perspectives, ideas and contributes to our success.
contribution to our successful and secure future.


Quality of service and client satisfaction remains our gold standard. We take great pride in the diversity of our applications. Regardless of customer location, needs, and specific nature of work, we are here for you. Each customer can fully expect excellent industry practices with the hands-on Memmert touch.

Close to our customers

Reliability, flexibility, and customized product development are standard in our company. It guarantees a satisfied customer base with personal consultations available for all.


We deal with our customers and colleagues in
a respectful, open, friendly and helpful manner.
We know that the success of our company rests
on the commitment and personal responsibility
of every single employee. We promote this
through team-work and continuous training.


We maintain products at the best possible cost/benefit ratio. It is made possible by working on a performance-oriented basis. Efficiency is always kept as a vital goal. This has helped in our company's successful run the industry.


We cultivate a company culture which places
the needs of people and of the environment
at the centre. We regard the resolute
development of energy-efficient and long-lasting
appliances as a responsibility towards our
customers and towards society in general.