Why Memmert

Corporate responsibility

"Our economic success enables us to live up to our social responsibility. At the same time, our socially responsible actions enable our economic success."

Your Christiane Riefler-Karpa & Philipp Schwarm | Memmert Executive Board

The word “sustainable” is not a modern creation. It was first used in the 18th century to appeal to the careful handling of wood. Out of the deforestation in emerging industrial countries, the first environmental protection movement was born.

Today, forests are declining worldwide; poles are melting and sea levels are rising. Global warming caused by man-made greenhouse gas emissions is a reality. At the same time, mental health suffering continues to rise.

Sustainable thinking, action, and management are more important than ever. As a responsible company, we have been fighting against the exploitation of the environment, natural resources, health, time, family, and society.

If a system loses its ability to regenerate, it loses its balance. This applies in equal parts to nature and human beings.

We think it's high time for action and would be pleased if you join us.

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