Being completely devoted to work and family requires a lot of effort - which is why we support our employees by recharging their batteries through sport and fitness. The term “work-life balance” sums up the intention that we have in mind. 

Promotion of health and team spirit

As a responsible company, we aim to bring the work life and private lives of our employees into harmony. A healthy and well-balanced person is less susceptible to burnout and builds up new strength for both family and work.

Sports, fun and games beside the job

Sports competitions, professionally led training during lunch breaks, bicycle trips or friendly soccer games against other teams have become an integral part of our agenda. Not only do they strengthen health but also bind us together as a team. In 2010, a large soccer field was set up at the company premises in Büchenbach. In summer 2012, a beach volleyball court followed. We support employees who - over and above the aforementioned activities - would like to work on their stamina and strength in their free time by providing them with an allowance towards their gym membership fee.

Incidentally, if you go to trade fairs regularly, we have a few tips for you as to how you can stay fit and productive during this exhausting period.