Sports sponsorship

For managing director Christiane Riefler-Karpa, regional sports sponsorship is a matter close to her heart. “These days, it is getting increasingly difficult to inspire children and young people to do sports outdoors.” Sports clubs, with the wide range of activities they offer, are indispensable in our society, and luckily there are still people who do voluntary work as coaches or instructors in their free time. “Of course, we as a company want to contribute as well,” says Memmert’s managing director on their involvement in sponsorship programmes. 

Team Memmert e.V.

Training, fighting and winning together; this is the motto for the "individual starters" who are often all alone for hours on the triathlon track. More and more Memmert employees have caught the stamina bug within just a few years. At first, the focus lay on starting together at the world-famous long distance race Challenge Roth. Meanwhile, the sporting activities are so diverse that Memmert established its own sports club in order to support grassroots as well as competitive sports. Since 2013, both ambitious amateur sportsmen and young competitive athletes from the region have found a common home for training and competing at Team Memmert e.V. Apart from Memmert, other companies such as Runners Point, Oli's Fitness Paradies, Radsport Fritz Buchstaller and Ad-Room also sponsor the club. Especially next-generation top athletes, who don't do lucrative sports such as soccer or tennis, but who still want to do sports on a professional level, often cannot afford material, entry fees and travel costs.

Main sponsor of the Rothsee triathlon

The district of Roth, where both the Memmert headquarters in Schwabach and our production facilities in Büchenbach are, has built up a worldwide reputation as the stronghold of triathlons.  Since 2013, one of the most famous triathlon events in the region has been held here under the name Memmert Rothsee Triathlon. There are many reasons why Memmert becoming the main sponsor was a matter close to Christiane Riefler-Karpa's heart, as she herself is a passionate triathlete. She loves her home just as much as sports. Moreover, her first dabbling in competitive sports was at this very venue.

Memmert's corporate philosophy fits this type of sport perfectly, too. 1.5 km swimming, followed by 40 km cycling and 10 km running is a remarkable achievement which takes just as much skill, endurance and passion as the daily work. Despite the thousands of participants who now take part in the Rothsee triathlon, it hasn't lost its character as a family reunion which is deeply rooted in this region. Not at least in the unique atmosphere of this event, where loyalty, solidarity and team spirit are just as important as success, does the Memmert Family feel at home.