Why Memmert

All-round surface heating for optimum temperature distribution

Extensive manufacturing know-how and outstanding material knowledge drive the unique, constantly improving, Memmert heating system. 

The inner chambers, made of stainless steel, are placed at the core of the automatic production facilities. It forms the technical basis for the protected placement of heating elements on the four inner sides of the Universal oven U, Incubator I and Steriliser S

Doors and rear walls are heated in the CO2 Incubator ICOmed and Humidity Chamber HCP.

The unbeatable advantages of the Memmert heating system at a glance

  • The heating elements are protected, yet still lie close to the chamber load
  • No corrosion or furring of heating elements
  • Easy to clean interior since it has no spaces or corners difficult to access
  • The direct contact between the heating ribs and sliding shelves guarantees an excellent heat transfer, and thus an improved temperature distribution
  • The arrangement of heating elements around the inner chamber ensures optimum temperature distribution (even when heavily loaded)
  • The excellent thermal conductivity of the aluminium sheets attached to the outer side of the chamber additionally optimises temperature homogeneity and heat accumulation (e.g. in case of mains failure)
  • Three components contribute to the optimum temperature distribution and temperature homogeneity in the chamber: heat conduction through the material, thermal radiation from the surfaces, as well as natural convection or forced air circulation)
Air-flow with forced air circulation by fan
Air-flow with forced air circulation by fan
Air flow with natural convection
Air flow with natural convection