Why Memmert

Push and turn – intuitive operation of the control of water and oil baths

In the Basic versions an electronic PID controller ensures that the selected temperature is accurately reached and maintained. The multi-functional fuzzy-supported PID control on the Excellent versions guarantees maximum security. Two high-grade platinum sensors are responsible for temperature control and for monitoring temperature and level. Like a climbing team on a rope they communicate with each other and ensure uninterrupted fault-free temperature control; the high-grade 4-wire circuit guarantees uncorrupted transmission of measurements.

The result can readily be seen behind the easy-clean glass window: all essential settings and operating states are clearly displayed.

Model variant BASIC and EXCELLENT in comparison

BASIC version

Memmert Control Technology BASIC


Memmert Control Technology EXCELLENT
1. Normal operation
Press the SET key, select the setpoint temperature
2. Delayed switch-on
Go home in the evening; in the morning the bath is already at temperature.
From 0 to 99:59 hrs (Excellent: 999 hrs) setting accuracy: 1 minute
3. Programmable hold time
Select to the nearest minute how long the waterbath should hold the temperature. 
From 0 to 99:59 hrs (Excellent: 999 hrs) setting accuracy: 1 minute
4. Visual alarm
If the setpoint temperature is exceeded by more than 10 °C the monitor relay permits emergency operation, indicated visually by the flashing alarm signal. If the factory-set maximum temperature is exceeded the mechanical temperature limiter TB switches off the heating permanently and the alarm symbol is on continuously.
5. Electronic overtemperature protection
Set the monitoring temperature with 0.1 °C accuracy up to 10 °C above nominal temperature. If there should be a fault, you can choose in setup through standard function selection between continuation of the procedure (TWW) or abort (TWB)
6. Level
This flashes on low liquid level. At the same time there is an audible alarm and the heating is switched off automatically.
7. Audible signals
There is a brief beep at programme end and also as input acknow-ledgement. On overtemperature and low liquid level there is an audible signal together with a visual alarm. 
8. Circulating pump (WPE45 only)
The circulating pump in the WPE45 optimises the thermal uniformity of the large water volume!.
9. Hold period
Start of hold period only after reaching the setpoint.
10. Recalibration facility
Excellent quality assurance on standardised or documented material tests through +/-5 K recalibration facility on the controller.