Why Memmert

Heating and Control water bath WTB

Swipe, tap, done. With to the intuitive touch-screen control and the minimalist menu navigation, the Memmert water baths WTB are ready for use instantly. Its perfectly coordinated heating and control technology guarantees maximum precision and safe operation with optimized water requirements.

The intuitive control panel of the water bath WTB

The slim 3.5" color graphic display is neat and shows all settings and operating status at a glance. Those who want to concentrate on the essentials can choose the personalized remote view CustomView to keep an eye on their desired parameter from any angle in the lab.

Personalizable remote screen CustomView

One, two or three: Immediately after switching on the Memmert waterbath, the CustomView view appears. It only shows the values that have been activated for display on the screen - at least one, at most three. The individual selection can be easily changed in the appliance settings. Simply tap the display and the home screen appears.

The home screen: Symbols provide excellent navigation and are optimized to efficient handling.

The menus for setting the set temperature, timer, alarm temperature, and unit settings can be selected here.

Swipe function for setting temperature and time

Memmert appliances push the user-interface and functionality to another level with this product. The touchscreen function allows easy and quick navigation of setting values for temperature, alarm temperature, and timer, to name a few.

Further unit settings

In the unit settings, a lot of adjustments are possible. The desired temperature unit °C or °F is selected and the adjustment temperatures and adjustment correction values for the 2-point calibration are set. The CustomView is also defined. The unit information can be read in this menu under the item Info.

Fast and highly precise temperature control

The temperature is controlled via extremely responsive silicone heating elements in combination with a high-precision digital temperature sensor on the bath. This ensures a high degree of control accuracy throughout the entire program runtime.

2-point calibration: Each Memmert waterbath can be readjusted to customer-specific requirements using two self-selected adjustment temperatures, for example, to take into account the influence of the load.

Cal1 Temperature adjustment at low temperature
Cal2 Temperature adjustment at high temperature

Three-stage safety system

The comprehensive, three-stage safety system for the Memmert water bath WTB is unique in the market. In the event of malfunction or incorrect use, the silicone heating element of the water bath protects itself against overheating and saves the user high service costs for replacement and repair.

  1. Dry-running protection: If the water bath is started without water or with too low water level, the intelligent control of the WTB ensures that the temperature of the heating does not rise into the critical range.
  2. Soft start: Should the water bath be started without water or boil empty without supervision, the second stage of the safety system ensures that the heating is switched off. The display shows an alarm and the process must be restarted.
  3. Thermal fuse: The absolute last safety instance is an independent fuse on the heating element which, in the event of a fault, interrupts the circuit at a temperature of 240 °C, then stops the heating and thus prevents potential hazards.