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Laboratory automation solutions from m360

Memmert’s customization brand m360 launches the all-new constant climate chamber HPP450eco lab automation device suited for modern lab integration.

Translating creative innovation into modern day practices

To meet the demands of today’s leading researchers and technicians, it is vital that workflow processes run smoothly, reliably, and efficiently. There are various innovations in place to aid workplaces however significant amount of time and effort goes into handling, operating, and troubleshooting errors. To ease the workflow of operators, Memmert’s brand new m360 team took charge of automatising lab processes with its latest innovation: a customized constant climate chamber, HPP450eco.

Memmert climate chambers
are known for their versatile application solutions, efficient Advanced Peltier Technology operation and long lasting reliability. Building on that ethos of providing industry leading solutions for temperature and climate control, the m360 team expanded on what is provided in our standard product and introduced future-proof features to further ensure Memmert device serves the customer with a wide range of applications and runs with ease, reliable functioning, and safety that Memmert is known for.

How laboratory automation fits your process

The m360 team serves individual projects that address specific demands and adapts or builds entirely new devices as solutions. Similarly, this was the case for the HPP450eco device. The scope, size, individual parts, connectivity, sample movement and carrying methods, storage – all is new and separate from what is provided in the standard offerings.

Therefore, this device is individually made for users who value process optimization of laboratory applications. What it means is that with the iconic strengths of Memmert products, this device enables precise temperature, humidity and light control. Through our automation solution, we guarantee continuous monitoring of all samples throughout the process, combined with unsurpassed efficiency.

Advanced safety measures ensure operations run smoothly to meet the expectations of modern industries and research facilities. Firstly, the device makes use of universal holders to accommodate various sizes and shapes of samples. These are automatically transported by using a collaborative robot that places each sample inside the device on one of 32 plates that moves on a conveyor belt. Once placed, the user simply has to use a tablet over Wi-Fi to set parameters and run the operation. The status update of each plate is seen via RFID technology on the tablet as well as controls of the speed of the conveyor belt. With it, operators can monitor efficiency, reduce errors, expect reliable running and results as well as leave the researcher and technician with more time to address more critical and creative tasks. An added benefit of this is that m360 produces the device so it is already qualified to integrate itself into an existing laboratory or commercial workplace ecosystem.

Are you looking for similar solutions for your needs? Contact our m360 team directly at m360@memmert.com.

A look at the HPP450eco in detail

In this video, the m360 HPP450eco shows all its innovative, reliable, and safe functioning that make integration within modern laboratory and commercial workspaces easy. Discover all its benefits and features and see for yourself how it can support you.

More information about the HPP450eco

Would you like to get further information on the m360 HPP450eco laboratory automation device? Then download our flyer. For all further questions, the m360 team is always at your disposal. Email us at m360@memmert.com.

Flyer "Laboratory automation at its best"
Flyer "Laboratory automation at its best"
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