Why Memmert

Memmert myAtmoSAFE meets any specific customer demand

By offering an extensive range of equipment, diverse options as well as solutions for customisation, the Memmert myAtmoSAFE customisation department adapts standard appliances to special needs. As one standard model always serves as the basis, our customers still profit from the full guarantee period and our solutions are economic, technologically advanced, and fully reliable.

The individual requests of users of climate chambers, heating ovens and incubators are diverse: 

  • Heavy samples 
  • Specified requests concerning the gas concentration 
  • Air exchange
  • Air pressure 
  • Light intensity
  • Special dimensions
  • Wall-fittings  
  • Assembly lines
  • Pass-through ovens
  • Cameras
  • Weighing cells 
  • Tailor-made entry ports

Talk to us about your own specific requirements, such as:

  • Pass-throughs and ducts
  • Special fittings
  • Temperatures in the heating and cooling range
  • Air pressure and air exchange
  • Air speed and increased exhaust air
  • Relative humidity
  • Light intensity and spectrum
  • Different gas concentrations (e.g. carbon dioxide CO2 or nitrogen N2)
  • Specially expanded depth , fitted (wall) frames
  • Telescopic trays
  • Heavy duty appliances, heavy duty floor grids
  • Operating panel at bottom, special bases, stacking frame (secured against tipping over)

Memmert TechLab MPTC for laboratory equipment

Do you have a special application and you want to know which appliance is best suited for it? 

Without investing immediately in a new heating or drying oven, vacuum drying oven, climatic test chamber, or constant climate chamber, you can have your processes tested in advance in our TechLab MPTC for laboratory equipment. 

Once we have discussed the matter, you just need to send us your samples together with a description of the process which defines your objective and the parameters of the experiment. 

We will then provide you with precise results on the process times or other relevant data, such as the humidity content of your material. 

The test, of course, also includes a detailed, graphically prepared documentation of all experiment conditions such as temperature, humidity, CO2-concentration, or the pressure in the vacuum. 

Should you have further questions, our technical service department will be pleased to help. 

Simply give us a call or write an email to us at  myAtmoSAFE@memmert.com.

Case studies with customized products