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With Memmert appliances, you can ensure high precision temperature control devices devices & climate chambers. Additionally, controlling humidity, O2, CO2 or vaccum are all possible using our cutting edge innovations.
Memmert Family means teamwork, collegial cooperation and a bright future. With this video, we cordially invite you to come and visit Memmert in the festive season.
More than 500 employees are now working at our locations in Schwabach and Büchenbach. The Memmert Family is not only constantly growing, but also becoming more international. We are proud of our team, which now has members from over 30 nations. This year, we are therefore sending you our Christmas greetings directly from our production site and offices in 15 different languages. We hope you enjoy watching it and wish you a reflective Christmas season with your loved ones.

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Constant climate chamber HPPeco & Peltier-cooled incubator IPPeco - are known for being efficient, homogeneous, reliable. Memmert set new standards with its Advanced Peltier Technology. Perfectly coordinated systems and excellent efficiency lead to maximum energy efficiency and reliability. The high-precision control guarantees an absolutely homogeneous and stable distribution of temperature and humidity, even with challenging parameters.

Memmert Rothsee Triathlon

A healthy balance of work and leisure is essential for growth, performance and positive thinking. Memmert supports and celebrates sport activities for its employees, and proudly participates in the Rothsee Triathlon.