Drying ovens and heating ovens

Precise, reliable and safe. Memmert heating ovens and drying ovens are used in research, industry and medicine for a variety of applications: heating, drying, tempering, testing, ageing, sterilisation, burn-in test, annealing, curing, polymerisation, vulcanisation, heated storage and conditioning. Since 1947.

32 litre or 1060 litre chamber volume? Simple drying tasks or high demand for programming and documentation? A Memmert heating oven and drying oven suits any application thanks to the wealth of communication interfaces, configuration and options. It meets the strict requirements of DIN 12880:2007-05 and has a maximum of safety functions.

Classified medical device

Blanket Warmer IFbw

The Memmert blanket warmer IFbw is a Class I medical device.

Classified medical device

Universal Oven Um

The heating oven Um is a Class I medical device.


Universal Oven U

Precise drying, heating, ageing, burn-in and hardening in research, science, industry and quality assurance.

Food Industry

Cleanroom drying oven UF1060

Fraunhofer TESTED DEVICE comes with the standard version. The cleanroom-compliant drying oven is ideal for microelectronics, medical technology, pharmaceutics and food technology.

Medical Device CE 0197

Steriliser S

What is hot air sterilisation? This page answers it all along with its features and purpose with a Memmert Steriliser S. Read more to find out.

Food Medicine

Pass-through oven UF TS

The Memmert pass-through oven saves time when loading and reduces the danger of contamination, especially when directly transporting the chamber load between the grey room and the clean room.


Paraffin oven UNpa

For many years, and with great precision, our paraffin oven UNpa has served users in science and research in sample preparation.


Vacuum oven VO

Digital pressure control ensures rapid and gentle vacuum drying. Its speed-controlled vacuum pump (accessory) saves around 70% energy.

Temperature Vacuum
Pharma Food Industry

Heating ovens and drying ovens in the laboratory

Heating ovens or drying ovens are used for a variety of applications.

  • In pharmaceutical industry, environmental technology, the food industry, agricultural industry and forestry for determining dry content and humidity content (drying oven method)
  • In electronics for drying components, degassing epoxy resins, and for burn-in testing
  • In research for sample preparation
  • Ageing or tempering of plastics, metals
  • Stability testing in the food industry
  • Heated storage of building materials, plastics, components  
  • Heating of surgical cloths, blankets, rinsing solutions, infusion solutions etc. in clinics and hospitals

How a drying oven works

The chamber load is exposed to defined temperatures at atmospheric pressure in the interior of a drying oven or heating oven. Thermal energy is transferred to the chamber load by convection and radiation.

Heating a Memmert heating oven is something very special. It takes place via a unique, full-surface heating system (all-round heating) behind the interior walls. In contrast to other heating systems such as ring heaters or heating coils, this ensures excellent heat transfer as well as optimum temperature distribution and uniformity even when fully loaded thanks to the direct contact between the heating ribs and the sliding shelf.

Drying takes place faster the higher the temperature, and the drier the air within the chamber. A drying oven or heating oven is usually available either with natural convection or forced convection. In the version with forced convection, heat transfer (convection) and air exchange are accelerated via a switchable fan, thus promoting homogenous temperature distribution in the interior. The vacuum drying oven VO is particularly recommended for the gentle drying of powders, granulates or electronic components. The boiling point is reduced by the vacuum in the vacuum drying oven, which means that the chamber load is heated or dried at lower temperatures.

The drying oven method

The moisture content of a material/sample is measured using the drying oven method. It is a measurement method for gravimetric analysis, or more precisely thermogravimetric analysis, in which the content of liquid and volatile substances is determined by mass. A precisely weighed sample is exposed for a certain drying time at a certain temperature. The drying loss is then determined by weighing it again and the moisture content is obtained as a percentage. Even if a large number of rapid tests are available, for example for determining the humidity content of fuels, grain or foodstuffs, the drying oven method is the prescribed test method or the approved reference method under many standards. In some tests (e.g. paper and cardboard) the samples are conditioned in a standard climate before the thermogravimetric test.

Special Memmert drying and heating ovens

  • The cleanroom oven: With no particle filter, the cleanroom-compatible drying oven UF750plus with circulating air cleanroom class 7 according to DIN EN ISO 14644-1, without circulating air cleanroom class 5.
  • Steriliser: The Memmert hot air steriliser S is classified as a Class IIb medical device for the purpose of "sterilisation of medical materials using dry heat by hot air at atmospheric pressure". The SetpointWAIT function in the Memmert Hot Air Steriliser S ensures that the program continuation, i.e. the sterilisation of instruments and laboratory vessels, only takes place after the target temperature has been reached.
  • Universal oven as a medical device: The heating oven UNm or UNmplus is classified as a Class I medical device for heating and keeping fango, silicate and APS packs warm in physiotherapy.
  • Blanket warmer: The Memmert heating oven IFbw is for non-sterile cloths and blankets is a Class I medical device in accordance with EU Directive 93/42/EEC. The heating oven is suitable for heating non-sterile cloths and blankets according to its purpose.
  • Dishwasher heating oven: The heating oven dishwasher UFP800DW is specially designed for standard-compliant pre-drying and drying of soiled dishes in an air circulation heating oven.
  • Paraffin heating oven: The heating oven UNpa is specially designed for absolutely reliable sample preparation. 
  • Cooled vacuum oven: The cooled vacuum drying oven VOcool operates in the temperature range from +5 to +90 °C.